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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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can i wonder can you hear can you hear me and i was just suggesting to you that your community must be in a very deep state of shock. this just give us trading for us. as we never expected being in such a peaceful country and you are shopping or everyone. is very upset. mentally and a lot of members of coke. a lot of people. needless. to say this these attacks these twin attacks came out of the blue they were surprise attacks but was a any indication of of this kind of feeling this kind of feeling of hate against muslims in particular that you were aware of in christchurch.
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actually we have no. point percentage. of part. i mean. no indication at all from glasgow yes. we are like two thousand and seven and actually very peaceful country and it's very unexpected unexpected i mean and it's just like a day daydreaming i can imagine your community the most and community of crash for the most part where they come from and they come from different parts of the world some of whom will be refugees yes we have about roughly about stemming the nationality in question. but we get along together very well. are roughly about seventy seventy different
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nationalities and and those that those who've been that come more recently for instance who might have been fleeing he were rights abuses or war like what sort of countries but they have come from. all over the world all in. africa like somalia. korea also the south african and. i mean that's really good i think you can find. people from all around the world pressures in community right how many how many are you in total give us an approximate number for how how large your association is. we have like. nearly a proxy six hundred registered members and we serve the community and. we
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have roughly about relooking about five to six thousand people ok. and no doubt the whole communities going to be looking to use as some kind of support and leadership what sort of things will you be doing now to office opposed to your community. currently the people are just hoping because quite a few people think. the names are not to disclose and the police is trying their best to finish the investigation of the of the crime place and retrieve the bodies so at the moment the people are just hoping to know where their families are. yeah so they are quite.
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right. there for them but. they're still looking for them and. yet you're not sure what happened. ok this is a very difficult time thank you very much indeed for taking the time to talk to us here at al-jazeera shock that president of the muslim association of canterbury thank you so much right now we can speak to greg barton he's a terrorism expert and he's chair of the global islamic politics department at deakin university he's joining us on the phone from melbourne in australia thank you for joining us greg. took the authorities a little bit of time to me before they were prepared to describe this event as one of terrorism what's the significance of that. here it's very significant prime minister. of course most.
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extremist. but because the rican legal system doesn't allow it doesn't make it possible to prosecute people on terrorism charges and list for associated with the national courts we don't hear so much about it so it's it's often the case many muslims feel that you know when it's what we attack on on on them or other people it's not called terrorism but when it's a little bit of what's called terrorism should understand that sensitivity to get the terminology right kurz of course we do use of violence or threat of violence out of some sort of political. view that we want to change the system by provoking response so high crimes are not terrorism but this is more than a high crime is what there is because the manifest. the references to. previous attackers of muslims including the shooter from the january twenty seventh to most shooting to break through to the region terrorists under very very weak from july two thousand people who were exclusively to move them and just before the terror
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acts as a crime and i also drive new number of muslims but that's the pedants very private and what we're discovering is that the perpetrators of this attack or at least one of them at least inhabited some dark corners of the internet where the people who share this kind of vile ideology hang out. and yet the author is saying that he and the others who've been detained so far have not been on any watch list do you think they've dropped the ball do you think patsy being a tiny bit slack in terms of monitoring people who frequent these sites. well i think they may need to ask you for my question as we do with her in the forest government and it might just be the one government it may be appear to be associates or for your ex to sue who people be associates with it may still be a low that to attack this government straightly and. returning the parties openly because this question but it does to the traffic learn that the way somebody wants
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to be a hero they vary from zero to zero and that's precisely because based on his ears and what are you going nobody you have no particular profile that police don't see them coming that's the conundrum we're good at stopping large and vicious attacks we put together by large networks but it's hard to see be going back to the text whatever the motivation it's possible that we've been paying attention to the hatred one of the growing realization was illustrating that it doesn't came from being white too much loose talk by politicians and other public figure and picking on migrants likely asylum seekers particularly muslims because i think that some sort of political game of course if you go on the middle path we are pretty good open despite what is rotten through most of the off the boats even crossed the line from just rhetoric to actually carrying out acts of violence and i think with a like a call with paying attention right sort of else is my my next question is well
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nothing is what you think the implications will be for a small apparently safe why do we renounce sort of tolerance and peaceful country like new zealand they're going to have to up the ante a bit more now aren't they. layout this is really good first major terror attack and it's with a very large trial a terror attack that's a horrible thing that thankfully to be a foreigner thousand people to the court of court in the court of country. of the caribbean can come anywhere riddled with be aware of that page that for many is the term under the particular rock we crave in which we don't normally consider the problem is coming to the southern hemisphere and we're going to have to deal with it probably eating the short term loosely and leaks out problems with both before to pray but really and then straight into the development but beyond that is going to be a lot more work paid to trying to understand where people engaging in fake to extremist
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rhetoric and and bigger that risk i think the muslim rhetoric. that across the lawn can be an act of violence that that's a hard one to run so i got boston thanks very much you need to tell him to us pressure thanks very much. right again to look at other news now and we can protest along the gaza israel fence have been perspective and hours after israeli air strikes hit the besieged strip the israeli military says a round one hundred hamas targets was struck early on friday and that was apparently in response to a rare rocket attack on the israeli city of tel aviv the exchange of fire has raised fears of an escalation in the conflict it. has this report. an orange glow illuminates the night sky signaling israeli military as strikes on the gaza strip. the strikes followed rocket attacks targeting the city of tel aviv
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the first in five years. both hamas and islamic jihad deny to launching the rockets despite those denials these fairly military planes have asked for the attacks and launched airstrikes in response sooner or later it's going to be clear who's shot these missiles it's the middle east things the leaking always in israel in the palestinian territories so we will know with and probably hours or days who did that it was a fogger rocket that is a powerful rocket targets of eve. it is a power for escalation and we know who has the dominance on the escalation ladder it's israel. despite those denials the israeli military blames him ask for their tact and launch airstrikes in response israel's iron dome missile defense system detected the incoming rockets and sounded alarms which were heard across the city.
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while some residents ran for cover for many life continued as usual. near to keep ya. know. i told their boss they the digital. get out of the both go there that is they call it and all of this you will start as those shows. but i'm fortunate i'm from the southern district of the you say you know we kind of we used was this kind of a situation saw where everything is a fight now and we need to continue all living our lives no injuries or damage we're reported in tel aviv but the city's mayor open bomb shelters as a protective measure meanwhile as the israeli military strikes what it's calling terrorist targets in the gaza strip the threat of potential escalation hangs in the . sand. all right let's go live to harry forty eight now and he's at the border
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area between israel and gaza on the israeli side it must be said it all looks pretty calm behind you at the moment harry but how how tense was this particular situation at its height. was certainly very tense given the fact that this is the first time in five years so rockets are being fired into the heart of the most populous area of israel the fact that this is all happening against the backdrop of the israeli election campaign and the fact that we've seen a number of these escalations in recent months each time both sides are just about managed to pull back from the brink of a really major one towards war and so obviously those concerns were all very much in evidence in the nighttime hours as you were hearing and in that report one hundred targets struck by the israeli military the israeli air force overnight there were nine projectiles fired out of gaza according to israeli military during
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that period as well six of them intercepted by iron dome anti aircraft anti missile missiles rather one falling within gaza territory two falling on this side of the border in israel what's interesting though is that what's the message is coming out of a. israeli military today through the israeli media a suggestion that perhaps this was a fire in error a mistaken firing of these two missiles in some way they're not clarify exactly what that means some indication perhaps they're talking about lower level units within hamas who may blame for this having done it without the sanction of the upper leadership but that's a signal from the israelis that they're at least looking for a way out and it gives the it gives both sides an option at least to try and maintain what is currently a relatively calm situation indeed indeed have us is denied being behind these rocket attacks coming from gaza and rather unusually of have canceled
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the regular friday protests at this border area where you are. yes not me not just unusual it's the first time since these border protests began at the end of march last year were coming up for the the anniversary of this of this great march a return movement at the end of this month and so for then to to do this to decide having said yesterday at a time when there were protests within gaza targeting hamas complaining to hamas about the current situation of price rises and the general humanitarian situation at that time they were talking about trying to to really mobilize people on the fence a day later they have decided to cancel that process so that's a pretty major concession on the hamas side of this as well and another sign that it is looking for a way to try to to avoid a further escalation the other moving part in all of this of course is the israeli
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election campaign benjamin netanyahu what he doesn't want most would agree a full escalation towards war in gaza at the same time he is or has been under pressure from people to his right and also people in the center of israeli politics . to act more strongly against hamas and so there's been a calculation from him as well whether one hundred targets struck last night satisfies all of those demands or not we don't yet know but he may well think that he's ahead enough in the polls to absorb any political flack on not front while maintaining what still is here to become a too. powerful said live at the israel gaza border thanking. the u.s. senate voted to revoke donald trump's declaration of a national emergency on the border with mexico now several members of the president's own republican party have sided against him white house correspondent
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kimberly how could reports now on how the president has responded are there any centers wishing to change their vote if a humiliating buke by members of his own republican party the joint resolution is passed on thursday twelve republicans in the senate joined democrats to overturn the u.s. president's emergency declaration that provides roughly eight billion dollars in funding for a us mexico border wall to halt illegal immigration democrats oppose the move and moral grounds why didn't you just declare merger before we shut the government gives a thirty five day what cost the economy billions and billions of dollars if you can just do this by declaring an emergency while the easy answer for that is it's not it emerges the republicans pushed back for a different reason for concern president donald trump is abusing his presidential
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powers they fear a future democratic president might do the same or this declaration is a dangerous precedent. already democrat presidential candidates are saying they would declare emergencies to tear down the existing border wall to take away guns to stop oil exports to shut down offshore drilling and other left wing enterprise when the vote did not go in his favor trump said he would stop the legislation by vetoing it essentially allowing his declaration to stay in place we're going to have hundreds of miles of wall up fairly soon and it's going to make a very big difference but the senate could overturn trump's veto but would need the support of two thirds of senators to do so the fight against trump's border wall continues in the courts sixteen states nearly all of them led by democratic governors are suing the u.s. government in an attempt to block the national emergency kimberley health at
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al-jazeera the white house. in a couple of moments we'll have the weather also coming up in this hour. a chance on we take a look at syria's war and what the future may hold for those who are still suffering . politicians in the u.k. they try to put the brakes on grex it. and find out who took the time inching simplot has been the first forty one grown three of the season we have to treat. hello there well first of all let's have a look at our cycling then and see where it's been first of all it developed over mozambique briefly went around malawi headed towards madagascar hovered around
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there for a while and then decided to track chalkboards us again in mozambique so this is where we pick up the satellite picture that you can see a very well defined die there that indicates is it's a very organized system and as usual an organized system is quite a powerful one now this one worked its way towards land and as it did so it had a bit more friction so it did ease a fraction but it was still fairly powerful when it made landfall that was around twenty g.m.t. on thursday we had the wind speeds of around one hundred sixty kilometers per hour gusts on top of that and that would be the equivalent of a category two hurricane if it was in the waters around the americas now it was moving fairly slowly only around thirteen kilometers per hour and that means we have a prolonged period of heavy rain that with still seeing from this storm at the moment and there was certainly a lot of water other than the rain we had to deal with the wave height of the storm pushed ahead of it was around seven meters a storm surge as well the seas were pushed up to two meters higher and then there
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was a toyed around five meters around the same time to all of that water together gave a lot of to float of destruction there over parts of bear and we're now watching that system gradually disintegrate but still giving us heavy rain. who would sponsor. a sinister only god who secretly controls moldova's pond i'm an own media tycoon misjudged by his enemies he is the most hated politician in the country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and a billion dollars for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera. isn't the problem for your town that they don't have a health question mark over it but it does have a corruption question mark or really doesn't look good for the image business a signal that they were going to do it we will probably have known about this or
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decided me read you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the us across the globe too far that is calling for the bridge doesn't build that's a bright spot to join me from my guests from around the world and we debate the week's top stories are the issues here and i'll just. take them up to the top stories here on the news our. government of attack two mosques in new zealand killing at least forty nine people one man has been charged with murdering price and police are questioning three other people. the prime
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minister. says it's one of the darkest days in new zealand history she said new zealand was the target of a terrorist attack because it's a diverse nation that welcomes migrants. weekly protests along the girls that israel friends have been postponed downs after israeli airstrikes hit the besieged strip israel launched air strikes on gaza hours after two rockets fell near television. now to algeria where protests is a started to gather in downtown algiers the capital and this as the new prime minister has promised to form a new government noted in bed we addressed the nation on thursday saying he was responding to the demands of protests by creating a government and. clear safe of young people he said it would be in place by next week they have been weeks of rallies in algeria calling for president abdelaziz bouteflika to get out of the race a senior member of the ruling f.l.n.
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party has now been quoted as saying that beautifully beautifully is history right abdel wahab offender is professor of politics and dean of the school social sciences and humanities at the doha is achieve a graduate studies he joins us now on set thank you very much indeed the formation of this transitional arrangement if you like is clearly not enough for the protest movements but the protesters have now got a challenge haven't they they have to form themselves into a movement yes i think the government or beautifully done to the right movement in the sense that he. is doing the issue he said a transitional government has promised to postpone the elections both in the prove the worry for judeans it that up to now is that a black box in behind this region nobody knows since i think kaufmann nine
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hundred ninety two. it's not clear who the government. through that beautifully. try to centralize government in the president before that the president was usually just a dummy in his late years also he appears to be this dumb of the question is who's really behind this indeed it's the opposition certainly refer to. this nexus of politics business sense and the military ruling algeria but what i'm quite interested in is finding out a bit more about the opposition movement and what the learned leaders because they're going to need a leadership are they not usually doing your writing all right i think they need to at least bring out the leaders up to now. is an anonymous kind of like behind it but. i think this is
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a challenge for them as you rightly said in the sense that they have to also they have to be transparency from government first in this process this process is usually the process. if you do it right if you do transparency and they are saying they want to time negotiations with. the problem that if the protests is not coming to open that are likely to be different. this is may be problematic but i think it's necessary that somebody should come out be authorized. i think it would be accepted if they if. this government is transparent it could present itself in a better way and try to engage the people more well they've also said that they. will review process that will be headed by a locked up or he may again this doesn't seem to have not been agreed to. deny
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that you but it's clear that the kind of the diplomatic face of. mama and and deliberate he mean they are appearing like the civil face of that within the e.u. has a military perspective as a security aspect and has also a very powerful and very influential little himself from from this from this to provide wing of the government who is now appeared to be in control but i think there is mistrust especially after the break he is there all in syria was in that brilliant and he has not come in favor of democratization in the powerful but i think sometimes you have to do with what you have interesting them isn't in the politics in algeria thank you very much indeed. thank you very much indeed.
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now friday's the eighth anniversary of the start of the syrian war it began with peaceful protests against the president bashar al assad in march twenty eleven the protests started in several cities over the torturing of a fifteen year old school of fifteen schoolchildren who had been writing antigovernment graffiti in the southern town of daraa by twenty twelve armed opposition groups began seizing control of parts of our of it of east in aleppo and homes the syrian kurds is also began to effectively control kurdish dominated areas in june twenty fourth in abu bakr al baghdadi announced the creation of a so-called eisel caliphates and within a year i saw fighters and captured large parts of the country by september twenty fifteen russia entered the conflict tipping the balance of power towards president assad government forces recaptured rebel held areas like eastern the dire and holmes twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen saw the final push against arsenal by
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u.s. led coalition troops which forced fighters to retreat from their strongholds and here's where we are now the government is rick a regain of much control of the country the opposition is confined to the north western province of italy and the kurds well they control almost a quarter of syrian territory and i still is on the verge of losing its last remaining on claims where the war may be winding down but it is certainly not over eight years into the conflict to millions of people feel they have no place in bashar al assad syria then a harder reports now from beirut in neighboring lebanon. eighty years of human suffering. syrians continue to bury their children. sixteen year old muhammad and his fourteen year old sister ali were killed in government artillery strikes. we buried them in
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a mass grave i didn't see them because it would be unbearable they were burned no flesh no burns. there is an active frontline between the government and opposition in the southern countryside of rebel controlled where a ceasefire should be in place. was instead almost two hundred civilians have been killed since the beginning of the year. thousands have been forced to flee in recent weeks adding to the millions already displaced many of them displaced multiple times. the bombardment forced us to leave our home in the northern countryside of homes we escaped to aleppo and to east homs. and know it had to move from the front lines and there is nowhere safe. there is little peace even in government controlled
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territories where rights groups report arbitrary arrests and a return to repressive rule so-called reconciliation agreements in former opposition held areas are not being respected. the most recent cases were documented were six volunteers with the time for no reason there are many other cases where people are afraid to provide information because they fear the intelligence services. the absence of the rule of law and accountable security agencies or some of the reasons why syrians were belled in two thousand and eleven the regime refused reforms back then and chose to crackdown pushing the opposition to take up arms. the syrian president is still refusing demands for change the international community wants bashar assad to engage in a credible political process that would lead to
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a new constitution and free elections but political reform would mean giving up power and the syrian leadership is unlikely to hand over what it didn't lose on the battlefield. for us the war has been a warning some countries have already started to normalize ties with his government but much of the international community won't accept it until political reforms are in place. and there remains the problem in the north of the country much of which is not controlled by the government and is being fought over by the beni interested parties and the millions who live there can't and won't return to syria for them the war is far from over. beirut. school children around the world are skipping class to take part in climate change protests among them the australian people in sydney organizers say more than a thousand strikes are planned it ninety eight countries the movement started as
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a solo protest in sweden by sixteen year old grettir thought she sat outside government buildings to accuse politicians of failing to stick to the un's powers agreement on climate change four years ago. well let's go live now to correspondent emma haywood she's in london outside parliament on parliament in parliament square and as if the politicians of the u.k. haven't got enough to contend with they're now going to have to deal with students who are gathering to protest against their action or lack of action on the issue of climate change. exactly multimode this protest is due to get underway in about twenty minutes time there are several hundred people who've gathered here already although we are expecting those numbers to swell and there are walk outs right from the top of the u.k. right down to the bottom and across the world as you were saying this one note
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taking place right under the noses of the politicians one of those who's not in school today is george bush on tees travel several hours to be here george why did you want to come along i think it's imperative that students young people are able to break the cycle of inaction that directly threatens the security of that features on this planet and we're doing that by taking to the streets do you think there is and i you know you unimpressed by politicians in the way they're dealing with climate change or not dealing with climate change absolutely there's not sufficient and effective policy to keep the u.k.'s carbon targets below where they need to be and equally they're not following the advice of the i.p.c.c. report saying we only have twelve years left for climate justice be to be realistic no teachers leaders would say you shouldn't be here you should be back in the classroom what would you say to that are you uncomfortable with having to come protect everyone would rather be in school none of us want to be doing this it's we that we feel we've been full stout.


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